Winter Friends at Kirkgate Market

Winter Friends hosted a pop-up at Kirkgate Market (Leeds City Markets) where we engaged with members of the public on how they can become Winter Friends, and make a difference in their communities and winter wellbeing. 

We provided members of the public with all the resources you need to make an impact on someone’s life this winter.

Join us for our next pop-up event on January 25th at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church from 10 am – 3 pm. Collect your goodie bags, and resources or simply just have a chat with one of our amazing ambassadors on ways you are already a Winter Friend. 

You can find advice and tips on how to become a volunteer or you can sign up to become one on the day and leave fully equipped and inspired to begin your journey as a Winter Friend!

Have a flick through our photo gallery below of the event.

Remember to sign up to be a Winter Friend and share your story!

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