Become a Winter Friend

Winter can be a challenging time. Help keep each other safe and well by being a Winter Friend!


What is a Winter Friend?

A Winter Friend looks out for the people around them, both in their personal life and the wider community. They understand that kindness goes a long way and that, often, the smallest of gestures are the ones that make the biggest difference. Helping an neighbour with their shopping, clearing snow off a neighbour’s drive or inviting someone round for a cup of tea are all ways someone could be a Winter Friend.

If you’re already looking out for people in your community, why not become a Winter Friend and get access to free resources to support you and others this Winter?

Why should I become a Winter Friend?

You can sign up here to become a Winter Friend and receive a digital welcome pack that includes:

  • Hints & tips on how to be a Winter Friend
  • Winter support signposting
  • Information about volunteering opportunities
  • Winter resources to help you and those around you

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