Small things YOU can do to help your community this winter…

Being a Winter Friend doesn’t have to cost the earth, most people are already Winter Friends in their own way and have been for years! Let’s start caring for each other this winter, especially the elderly. Here is a list of things you can start doing today…

  • Walking your neighbours’ dog
  • Offering to help them carry in their groceries
  • Running short errands for them, such as getting their prescription
  • Helping them maintain their patio/entryway 
  • Taking out the bins for them
  • De-icing their windshield after de-icing yours
  • Helping the elderly cross the street when it’s icy
  • Prepare a self-care kit/goodie bag of hot water bottles, flasks, blankets, tea bags etc to make them feel cosy
  • Write them a friendly letter or card sending positive vibes
  • Making the intention to have a friendly chat and smile sometimes can make all the difference!

If you have any stories you’d like to share of being a Winter Friend or an example of someone being a great Winter Friend in the community, submit them here!

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